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A Rainbow Nation

  Malaysia is very popular with many interesting place,food,religions,calture and races and other.I'm so lucky because I was born in this beautiful country.There are many types of people staying in Malaysia and they always respect each other no matter who they are.Some races in Malaysia are Malay,Chinese,India,Kadazan,Iban and other.

  Malaysia is called A Rainbow Nation because they are many types of lifestyles. Although the lifestyle of races are different, I was so happy to enjoy it. For me , I can learn more languange and religion and trying to respect their culture and I was think how so lucky who was born in Malaysia because all the major of lifestyle that come from China and India . I can learn only in my school.
  Other than that, there are many types of religions like Buddha, Hindu-Buddha, Islam and Christian. Even they live in different religion,they still live in a peaceful. Trying to respect other religion. For example,everyday my school have assembly, a prefect will invoke and non muslim will keep on silent as respect sign.
  The best thing for all people that live in Malaysia is food.There is a lot of food that came from the whole world like Jappaness food,Korean food,Indian food,Chinesse food and also Malay food. I'm so proud someone that sucsess to create a unique food named "1 Malaysia" food. It is combination of three major races in Malaysia. This food shows that in Malaysia, we all stay together.
  What is the interesting about Malaysia is there is many beautiful mountain like Kota Kinabalu, Gunung Santubung and Gunung Sejinjang. Kota Kinabalu is the popular mountain in Malaysia because is know as the highest mountain in Malaysia. Other than that , the most popular of island are Pulau Tioman, Pulau Pangkor, Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Kapas. The sea is so amazing and can make someone feel so balmy.
  One of the historical places in Malaysia is Kota A Famosa . Many people that came from the around the world always visit this place. It is located at Malacca . Malacca is known as the rich place of history. Besides that, Makam Mahsuri, Pasir Salak and Kelly Castle is a historical place too. All the historical place in Malaysia exist since colonization epoch.
  For the conclusion, I am so proud to be a Malaysian. I'm so lucky because I was born in this unique country and I can set to enjoy to all that I have mentioned. When I finished my school, my mission is to be a traveller so that I can travel the whole Malaysia . I want to know more about Malaysia and in a deep of my heart I just want to say I love Malaysia.
thanks for reading ! :)

NurShakirin - English Composition and Essey- 4 Acc - SMK Subang,Shah Alam

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